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Beautiful ceramic sculptural functional mug by Grainne Williams.

Made from local raw Cornish clay.

The glaze is made from a mix of found objects including oyster, mussel and egg shells.

Each piece is individual so variations will occur when ordering.

More images of Grainne’s work we have in store can be provided on request.

Gráinne Williams is a maker based in our very own St. Ives, Cornwall. Utilising a vast array of materials found, foraged, bought or bargained for local to her, Gráinne’s works are far from usual, which is why we love them so dearly.

During the creative process, Gráinne uses different materials such as calcified eggshells, ash, various foraged raw clays, glaze scraps, glass waste, discarded ceramics, mussel shells, and many more to create these utterly stunning pieces that are wholly unique and incredibly composed.

With each work as special as the next, you’re guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind, carefully crafted statement piece that brings a hint of magic to any space.

Small Ceramic Mug By Grainne Williams


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