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Just me

by Lynda Davies

It was on my bucket list – to live as a local in Paris. I did just that, in 2013, renting a studio for a few months so that I could focus on my writing.

Little did I know that my wanderings in Paris would catapult me back to events and places of my early childhood, spent abroad, in the political and cultural landscapes of the Cold War era - Moscow, Beirut, Warsaw and West Germany. Synchronicities in daily life awaken forgotten incidents from my education at an English girls’ boarding school; time spent as an English ‘assistante’ in a Brittany school, through my unconventional career path at a leading university in noughties London.

Part memoir, part commentary on life, love, values and relationships, this book captures the experience of immersing oneself in a European capital city, pre-Brexit and the unexpected life lessons that emerge when you step outside your comfort zone.

Just Me by Lynda Davies


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