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Limited Edition, signed, numbered and illustrated paperback book.

Zennor Spirit of Place explores the personal and political dramas which followed the arrival of the disreputable writer D.H. Lawrence and his German wife Frieda von Richthofen in the ancient village of Zennor during the First World War. The wild landscape and remote cottages around Zennor became host to scores of infamous artists, poets, eccentrics and occultists who lived, loved and wreaked havoc in this mystical place. Throughout the 20th century, sublime art was created amid a backdrop of witchcraft, scandalous sexual intrigue, black magic rituals and Nazi spy rings.

Bob Osborne is a multi-media artist with an interest in the paranormal and the surreal. His often controversial work has been exhibited widely, including two sell out shows of his Cash is King project at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

Bob’s latest offer is a deep dive into Zennor’s history.

Zennor, Spirit Of Place - Bob Osborne

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